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Shani is a registered dietitian nutritionist, who has helped parents of overweight children and teens by giving them proven tools and support they need to help their child lose weight in a family-focused, mindful and achievable way. 

Shani is the founder of The Balanced Plate, a consulting company focused on taking family nutrition education worldwide. She has personally helped hundreds of families with their kid's nutrition. Shani has made it her life’s work to teach families how to nourish themselves for optimal health. 

Shani has lectured pediatricians about how to achieve balanced family nutrition. Having worked in five departments at a world-renowned hospital, Shani saw first hand that people were oftentimes unequipped with the knowledge that would have prevented that illness in the first place. Her solution, therefore, is starting as early as possible within the family setting– ideally equipping parents, children, and teens with a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and training to help them nourish well.

Shani takes the tools and processes used in her private practice to families worldwide to teach them how to get results for their kids and teens in a mindful way.

Learn a proven nutrition process and receive a life-changing system that will help your child or teen lose weight in a family-focused way, without a scale, without counting calories, and without shaming. Your whole family will benefit.


  • Help your child with healthy habits for a healthy future

  • Alleviate your concern about saying the wrong thing, food policing or teasing at school 

  • Help your child feel good and improve their self-esteem


  • Understand how to feed your child at home, school and when eating out

  • Set your child up with healthy habits and a healthy future

  • Create healthy lifestyle adjustments that benefit the whole family, where no one is singled out or feels deprived


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